Why Julian Omidi Co-Founded Animal Support

Animal Support

When you read newspaper articles or see television news reports about the abuse of animals, whether that abuse occurs in puppy mills, slaughterhouses or in private homes, it is impossible not to be affected. By founding Animal Support, my brother, Dr. Michael Omidi and I hope to serve this helpless population and prevent the needless abuse and suffering that goes unchecked every day.

Thousands of animals are abused, put in immediate danger or neglected every year. Many of these creatures are psychologically tormented and diseased as a result of horrible care. Not only is this treatment viciously brutal and callus—no creature should be the victim of deliberate cruelty—it is dangerous for the community at large.

These poor creatures deserve all of the help they can get. Animal Support exists to sponsor nonprofits that help a specific segment of the animal population.

In Mexico City, Mexico, packs of diseased and starving stray dogs roam the streets by the thousands because there is no effective dog sterilization program in Mexico. It is not uncommon to find packs of feral dogs wandering the streets scavenging for food, fighting, sleeping under cars or lying sick and dying on the road. Recently, it was reported that several people were mauled to death by a pack of starving stray dogs in Cerro de la Estrella, a park near the edge of Mexico City. The extent of the wounds was such that it is believed that at least 10 dogs were involved in the attacks. It is shameful that four lives—including three children—had to be lost before attention was paid to this hideous problem.

Puppy Dogs

Cases of animal abuse and improper handling in processing plants and slaughterhouses can lead to major public health concerns. After the Hallmark Beef Packing plant in Chino was infiltrated by animal rights activists and secretly filmed, a massive recall of products was initiated (over 143 million pounds of beef). This recall was especially disturbing because approximately one third of the recalled beef had been sent to schools.

Life is life’s greatest gift. Guard the life of another creature as you would your own because it is your own. On life’s scale of values, the smallest is no less precious to the creature who owns it than the largest.

Lloyd Biggle Jr.

As a society, we need to make sure that our treatment of animals is healthy and humane, not only for the well being of the animals themselves, but for all of us. The above mentioned dangers are only a fraction of the reasons we must take care of the animal population. My brother Dr. Michael Omidi and I founded Animal Support as a means to spread resources to a multitude of organizations, all with different methods and targets, but with one clear goal: to help animals.
These poor creatures deserve all of the help they can get. Animal Support exists to sponsor nonprofits that help a specific segment of the animal population. We help a diverse group of animal care initiatives, including bird rescue organizations, dog rescuers and the ASPCA with their aim to end animal cruelty. We sincerely hope that our efforts can help spread the word about all of the wonderful charities that work tirelessly to provide aid, homes and medical care to abused, sick and neglected animals. Please help us support animals by giving time, funds and attention to these amazing organizations.