Civic Duty

Celebrating Those Who Make a Positive Difference

I would guess that everyone has had a teacher, parent or mentor that has gone out of their way to make a difference in their lives. Without the help and support of a generous benefactor, many of us would never have had the strength of will, funds or confidence to achieve personal or professional success. When my brother, Dr. Michael Omidi and I thought of the many different people who had a positive effect on our lives, we thought it would be nice to acknowledge everyone in our communities that has had a hand in making someone’s life a little bit better.

Julian Omidi: We Must Not Take Those Who Do Great Things for Granted

A good objective of leadership is to help those who are doing poorly to do well and to help those who are doing well to do even better.

Jim Rohn

Even though we have public services that provide medical care, police protection and fire fighting, we often take the people who work their fingers to the bone for our health, security and safety for granted. Many of these public servants not only do their jobs, they often provide services that go above and beyond their prescribed duties. Teachers often pay for supplies out of their own pockets and tutor students on their own time; police officers contribute their time to community organizations and doctors and nurses in underserved hospitals often work multiple shifts without a break so that patients aren’t left without medical attention for a potentially dangerous amount of time.

Civic Duty Praises Those Who Positively Benefit Their Community

Civicduty.org salutes anyone and everyone who sets out to make a positive difference in people’s lives. Whether they are teachers, community organizers, spiritual advisors or just regular folks who want to help in any way they can, they deserve recognition and appreciation for all of their good works. These can include people who make neighborhoods safe and pleasant places to live, people who take the time and effort to help others in a compassionate way, or people who take it upon themselves to serve their communities as police officers, firemen or teachers. Everyone who helps to make their environment better and their neighbors happy and comfortable is worthy of praise. Even little kids have been known to start charitable organizations!

When we hear about a person doing their level best to make the lives of their neighbors better, we want to let the rest of the world know. We use our site newsroom to bring stories of everyday heroes to public awareness, so that these people not only get the appreciation they deserve, but also to encourage people to help their cause and possibly galvanize further philanthropic action.

We would like to invite anyone and everyone to submit their stories of people who have helped them out in an unexpected way. If someone has gotten you out of trouble, helped you find a job or assisted you without expecting or accepting compensation, let us know! People that offer kind service to their communities make the world a beautiful place.